Design Process

Design Phase!

We are so excited to take you through our home design process! Whether you desire a retirement home, vacation home, or a single family residence we can guide you through the design process to achieve your perfect fit! We offer Custom-Built and Pre-Designed & Built options. During the Custom Built process our designers will guide you through your selections, and put together the personalized home that you’ve envisioned, tailored to your budget needs. In the Pre-Designed & Built process, our designers create homes that will be efficient, beautiful, functional and personalized for our clients, just choose your plan and design and we will build it!

The Harvell Design Process

1st Design Appointment

During your first design appointment you will answer questions that cover every aspect of your home. We start with the exterior designs and work our way through the interior of your home.. For each selection that you make, we will start with a description of what’s included in the base price of your home. Then, you will be allowed to choose options for investing in items above and beyond, adding to the value of your home. This meeting focuses more on what level of finishes you desire and establishing the design theme of your home.

When this meeting is complete, the design team’s next step will be to take these selections, and enter each item into our software system. This compiles a detailed list of every selected item, as well as the corresponding price. This is how we determine the final price of the home. This typically takes us about 2 weeks to complete.

2nd Design Appointment

During your second appointment, we will revisit your Selections Sheet. This spreadsheet lists each item you chose in your 1st design appointment. It will show you all selected features that are included, as well as any upgraded items that you desire. If you decide that certain selections will not work with your budget, we can make adjustments that are more budget friendly!

After we get through discussing and narrowing down your selections, then comes the real fun… COLORS! We will end by helping you choose and put together your final color selections. This is where combined creativity will bring your vision to life! It is our goal, to make this process as seamless and enjoyable as possible.­­­­­ The following quick summary of what happens between design and the start of construction.

Steps to Construction

  1. For the first 4-6 weeks the building and design phases will run simultaneously.
  2. Revisions – While you are making selections and choosing colors, your plans get sent out to the Architects and Engineers to address any changes you may want, prior to submitting for permit. This takes them 2-3 weeks to review/revise and send them back to us.
  3. Internal Plan Review. As soon as we have your plan back, our team of construction managers, superintendents and designers meet to make sure that the plans are accurate, as well as contain the vision you desired. It’s our time to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  4. Pre-Construction Meeting – Our office will call you to set this up. During this meeting you will be introduced to the Superintendent that’s in charge of overseeing your home while it’s built. Together, you will review and approve your plans, discuss the building process and receive answers to any questions you may have.
  5. Permitting – Lastly, If everything is accurate and we have your approval on the plans, then we can send your plans to the city for permitting!